Discussion Leader Reflection

November 25, 2009

After finishing my discussion leading, I am very pleased with how it went. At the beginning of my presentation, only one person had said they had even heard of Yammer. By the end of the presentation many of my classmates had questions about Yammer, so I am glad that I could open them up to this new website. I also think it was beneficial that at the end, Kathy showed the class the University of Washington’s Yammer account. The class as a whole seemed to think that Yammer could be very useful for class work, and I agree with them.

One thing that was interesting about my experience while creating this presentation, was how easy it was to find connections for information through Yammer but how sensitive some companies are to online publicity. The company that I used as my case study was a very good one, I just wish that I could have capitalized on that and revolved my presentation around that. I think that it is great, however, that people who are on Yammer, really wanted to spread the word about it because they think it is so useful to their everyday work.

After researching everything about Yammer, I am really hoping that my classes begin to use the site. I think that it would be better to have a Yammer feed devoted to my classes or quiz sections because when we try to use Facebook threads, you have to become “friends” with people. I really enjoy all of my classmates, most of the time, but there are some that I don’t want to have to see my profile and all of my happenings just because we need to communicate for class. It will provide a setting that is totally devoted to class talk, not nonsensical banter.

Overall, I learned a lot through my research and I think that I shared a new site with my classmates that could be relevant to everyone’s life in the near future.


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