Filling the Void

December 14, 2009

The time has come to unveil the “final” works for my blog, Filling the Void!

I say “final” works only because this is the final project update. I fully intend to continue my blog even after the class is completed.

Filling the Void is a blog that aims to provide people with fun activities that navigate your life away from the computer. Computers are a necessary part of our lives, but personally, I can’t stand to look at a screen for 8 hours a day. So many times I have gone to the internet or played games on my computer when I have nothing better to do, but now, people will have something better to do!

The posts on my blog are, for the most part, very random and silly. Others are very legitimate. All are worth a try. The posts are organized by categories based on price, weather, type of activity, location, etc. for easy navigation for the readers. I have also connected my blog with Twitter to provide instant ideas when I think of them.

I am very proud of my blog, I have never created something like this! In approximately two weeks I have created 20 posts for my project, which surpasses my goals and expectations. I have people coming up to me saying, “hey remember when we did this together, you should blog about that, it was so much fun”. A lot of my friends know what I have been doing and are excited to view this project as well.

Next quarter I will be studying abroad in Rome and I hope to continue this blog there. Time-filling activities can be done just about anywhere and I am going to be gaining such a new perspective when I am half way across the world! So keep checking back here to see where my new life takes me!

Presenting: FILLING THE VOID!!

I hope you enjoy my blog, I enjoyed creating it.

I have learned so much from the content of this class, my peers and my instructor Kathy Gill. Thank you all very much!


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